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AUROTAC® is a rotating slip ring designed and manufactured by Elet.Ca. Mechanical and electrical solutions employed for such product come out directly from the know-how of Elet.Ca acquired during its many-year experience on similar products addressed to the military sector. Thanks to a thorough research work and experiences performed on materials and treatments that Elet.Ca continues and will continue to carry out, an optimal configuration of this product has been found, giving excellent guarantees of reliability for all considered parameters.
Thanks to its different types of interface, the AUROTAC slip ring is suitable for several applications.

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The AUROTAC® slip ring is totally manufactured in aluminium, with IP 65 protection in order to withstand heavy environmental conditions as temperature, vibrations, socks and (or) aggressive atmospheric agents.
Their Tefzel cables guarantee utilization at temperature ranges of –30° ÷ +85°, high insulation rate, low induction between the cable due to excellent dielectric strength.
The mobile part and fixed part of the slip ring are joined through a strong shaft bearing the rings fixed to the case by means of suitable ball bearings, assuring a soft and flowing movement.
The core of the slip ring, consisting of the brush-ring matching, allows today to operate within the best parameters concerning total resistance of the circuit, dynamic resistance of contact (noise) and cross-talk. The above characteristics kept also at operation speeds exceeding 500 Rpm (1000 Rpm max) are guaranteed by employing pure copper as well as gold against gold matching.

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