composite materials eletca


Test equipment employed to verify that the products meet
the required specifications include:

• accelerated weathering chamber

• salt spray chamber

• electronic monitoring instrument

• EMI test bench

Calibration of instruments
Metrological control involving all instruments
and measuring tools according to the UNI EN 30012 standard.

Environmental tests (Salt spray chamber)
Execution of specific corrosion resistance tests in outdoor
environments on coated or non-coated components,
with plastic or metallic substrates.

Thermal tests

• High temperature test

• Low temperature test

• Thermal shock test

• Humidity test

EMI tests (Pre-qualification)

Test facility for the measurement of limits of electromagnetic
emissions and electromagnetic immunity.
Tests are run at a pre-compliance level, in order to screen potential
design issues and subsequently run the definitive tests,
meeting specific domestic or international standards.
The center is equipped with a TEM cell and a test bench.


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